About us
Coelho Consulting Inc. was incorporated in Philadelphia in 1997. The company was founded by Gregory Coelho who has been a software consultant for the last 24 years and has successfully designed and implemented database solutions around the country. We are a high quality, reasonably priced vendor with a track record of successful implementation of all applications for which we have been contracted. Over the past 2 decades, the team at Coelho Consulting has primarily focused on creating custom databases in a variety of  industries. We operate in the state of Pennsylvania with offices in Philadelphia, West Chester and Chennai, India. 

C.C.I is staffed by professionals some of whom have decades of experience in database development. Many of our early systems were centered on nonprofit organizations, local government, universities and school districts. The following are some of the underlying issues that addressed by our systems:

Our solutions are designed to be implemented across a community or continuum of service providers with common objectives and clients. This makes our products particularly useful for cities, townships and agencies which operate a large number of programs.
Over the past 11 years Coelho Consulting has built a team of developers and consultants who share common objectives and have created methods to:

Our strategy focuses on quality of services rather than quantity of sales.  Our operations involve always being aware of and close to the constantly changing needs of all of our users. Our close relationship with our customers helps us develop a deep understanding of critical factors involved with successful implementations in all areas that we operate.  As evident from our mission statement, Coelho Consulting is committed to developing solutions that address the broad concerns of the industries that we serve, while at the same time meeting the objectives of every user of the system.

The following are our underlying guidelines in the development of personalized implementation plans for our continuums: