Coelho Consulting offers comprehensive consulting services to assist you in meeting all of your objectives. Our consultants offer an impressive breadth of skill sets coupled with considerable experience in delivering successful solutions to a range of client needs.

We offer consulting services that can be utilized to all or specific stages in the development cycle. Our consultants work as a team to leverage individual skill sets into seamless integrated solutions.

Our consulting division offers the following services:

Business Process Re-engineering

Do you know that there is something wrong, but you don’t know what that is? We can help you with that! Our consultants are proficient in breaking down operations into processes or identifying the lack of them. We then go to work matching processes with reality, risk and reward. Once we are done we provide you with solutions that minimize the risk and maximize the return. The benefits will be tangible and transparent, and your organization will be producing more with less resources.

Needs Assessments

Do you know that you need a system but are having problems defining exactly what you want? CCI can help you with that! The folks at Coelho Consulting understand the importance of identifying the critical variables intrinsic to your company and environment. This information is the basis for the product/vendor selection process for any system. Our consultants are expert at breaking down the variables within your organization to present an accurate description of exactly what you need to be looking for. We also prepare a gap analysis to compare the options available in the market to your current system.