Training Services

Trying hard to develop a training strategy that takes care of the inevitable setbacks you face while implementing a system? Coelho Consulting can bail you out on that. Our focus lies on Smart Training that prevents schedules from slipping. We meticulously plan fun filled training modules that cater to all sections of professionals.
Coelho Consulting lays great emphasis on training, which has become an integral part of system implementation and is now a result oriented activity paving the way for the maximum utilization of the systems software.

Advanced Training (Trainers / Distributors)

Wondering how your in-house trainers can gain expertise in the new software system? Coelho Consulting offers economical and effective methods for training in-house staff that can in turn successfully mould their staff to handle the complex systems.

Training End Users

Complex software systems need to be broken into several, simple and interesting modules, to appeal to the non-technical users. A Coelho Consulting training session is filled with novel ideas, which allow the end users to use the system most efficiently.
The CCI training process is structured as follows:

  • Determination of functional areas for which training will be developed.
  • Job Roles and User Groups are assigned to each staff member.
  • Development of Courses for each user group.
  • Creations of Manuals and Documentation
  • Class Scheduling.

The entire process includes participation of the provider to ensure that the training complies with provider requirements and procedures.
Five types of Training are offered

  • System Flow Orientation provides the user with an overall view of the system flow and how it relates to the provider agencies. 
  • User Interface familiarizes users with navigation and interface tools. Examples include data entry screens, reporting interfaces, Web screens, and management tools.
  • End User Trainings include a detailed screen by screen explanation and hands on experience with each functional area such as case management, accounting, and reporting. Explanations are followed by practical exercises to enable staff to gain proficiency in the system.
  • Process Training fosters coordination and communication among the different levels in the organization that are part of a continuous process. The trainees will perform hands-on exercises which will execute consecutive stages in the workflow. 
  • Advanced Trainings are held in two areas, Reporting and IT.  Report Training involves instruction in creating reports for various departments in the organization. Training will be offered in stages (Basic, Advanced and Expert). These sessions are generally held for administrators and management personnel. IT Training will be held throughout the life of the implementation. The IT Unit will be trained on all aspects of the system including customization, maintenance and administrative functions.
Additional Training Capabilities

CCI provides additional training capabilities in several areas:

  • Train the trainer supports selected in-house staff in developing the knowledge to provide ongoing training.  This capability is useful after the initial application roll out and the majority of staff has been trained. These trainers can act as support staff to answer application questions from users on an ongoing basis.
  • Computer Based Training (CBT) provides an on screen audio visual explanation of each screen and function of the system.  This format is useful in providing automated training when new staff is hired. The onsite trainers can then be used to clarify issues, rather than using their time to repeatedly explain the application.
  • Training Locations
    • Central location: In this format, trainings are held at a central location which has the required number of computers and support facilities. This location is used for providers which have a large number of staff requiring training.
    • On Site: Onsite trainings are for sites that have a limited number of users involved in multi-step processes. In this situation, the training can be more easily executed in their work setting rather than in a central location.  This will eliminate the need for these sites to be inconvenienced by having to send staff members for all-day trainings causing disruptions in ongoing service. 

CCI has dedicated training staff, and trainings can be scheduled with the provider on an as needed basis.  Additional trainings can be planned when new staff is hired and when major enhancements are developed and rolled out on the system.
As part of our initial proposal and as part of future years support contracts, projected training hours are estimated and proposed at the inception.