Contract Developers and Quality Analysts / Contract Programming

Coelho Consulting provides contract programming services to organizations and businesses that require development of programs to match specific designs or development initiatives. Our business development staff members will meet with you to study your development requirements. Once we understand your needs, we pick the team or programmer(s) that meet the skill set that you require for your development.

We offer 4 levels of programmers who are separated by the years of experience and programming skills. The team of programmers chosen for your project may have a combination of programmers from different levels to offer you a combination of skill and cost efficiency. If a single programmer is chosen for your contract, you will be able to interview programmers from all of our levels to select the best candidate who meets your need.
Our contract programming services include the following features:

  • Evaluation of business needs and assistance in creating technical specification documents
  • Selection of programming team for your approval.
  • Selection of quality analysts to ensure quality of your development
  • Setup of the team with office space, computer equipment, network, high bandwidth internet, development software, standard software tools.
  • Access to our video conferencing facilities to hold face to face video conferences with the team or individuals. This facility can be used for daily project reports, demonstration of deliverables and technical discussions with development and quality teams. Same video conferencing capability on every desktop of the development team.
  • Administrative management of the team to monitor attendance, time sheets, absence requests, and development and maintenance needs of the quality team, refreshments and meals provided for overtime work. Customers will have access to our personnel management to discuss issues related to the programmer(s) or the team.
  • Handover of the project, technical documentation and all source code at the end of the project.

Our development teams are available at affordable hourly consulting rates for short and long term programming projects. You create your vision and we will provide you the resources to bring it to life!!