Technical Staff Recruitment and Placement

Coelho Consulting provides technical training to MCA and MS (Engineering) graduates to provide them with an orientation to database application development in the business world. Our program drastically reduces the time taken by graduates to make meaningful contributions to real live projects.

Our 8 week training programs includes 4 weeks of classes taken by our senior business analysts, developers and quality analysts. This is supplemented by assigning trainees to work with our developers and quality staff on a daily basis as apprentices on live projects. At the end of the 4 week process, our trainees are required to develop a business application that is created from business requirements from our live projects. 
Candidates graduating from our training are geared to enter the work force with skills that enable them to start contributing to the development environments at a much faster pace than normal.

Coelho Consulting provides Placement services to companies who are seeking to recruit entry level programmers. Our business development consultant meets with your organization to determine your requirement and then schedules interviews with appropriate graduates from our program.  We offer competitive rates for our placement services and ensure that our candidates are able to add value to your development teams and your business.