Data Entry Services

Coelho Consulting provides organizations with services relating to the electronic conversion of paper documents, data from spreadsheets or other media into any form of electronic media that is requested. Our business development staff meets with your organization to evaluate your needs and create a comprehensive solution that moves all of your data that is contained in different types of media (including paper forms) into intelligent databases or other applications to be used for business intelligence and other data mining outputs.

 As part of our services we offer the following methods of data conversion:

  • Manual Data Entry Services by professional data entry operators.
  • High Speed Scanning using OCR technology to convert manual forms into electronic data.
  • Automated timed procedures to convert electronic data sources (spreadsheets, csv’s etc.) into database applications (these services are used by clearing houses who receive electronic data submissions from a large number of data providers.)
  • Use of our electronic mapping tools to convert data from one format to another.
  • Custom programming to meet specific conversion needs.
  • Combinations of all of the above methods.

All data conversion and data integration services are backed up by a quality plan that is submitted which ensures that all data sources are accounted for and accurately converted into the target environment. We provide the services of our business consultants, programming staff, quality staff and data entry operators as a team to help you meet your needs. We also make available the use of equipment needed in the data conversion process.