Community Development Corporation (CDC)
The CDC Database was created for Community Development Corporations that are responsible for the revitalization and rebuilding of their neighborhoods and communities. Our database gives the management of these organizations the tools and data resources that allow them to track and manage operations relating to the pursuit of their objectives. The design created by us addresses the data needs of the core areas of activities that are needed to revitalize the neighborhood, including a complete inventory of every parcel/property that is contained in the geographical areas covered by our customer. The system generates customized reports that display the objectives agreed upon with each funder and the progress of the CDC towards those objectives. Also included is a sophisticated GIS component that displays many of the reports on maps. It also integrates with publicly available information to gather and process all possible information relating to the area covered under the CDC.
Parcel Listing – Captures information such as property condition, ownership, market value, taxes, zoning, and violations. In addition, a photograph of each property is displayed.

Property Development – Development projects that are undertaken by the CDC, and provide integrated project and cost schedules across all projects.

Property Maintenance – Tracks maintenance activities related to upkeep of buildings and residencies maintained by the CDC

Community Activity/Resource Distribution – Tracks group activities such as community events, financial and technology  workshops, and the financial costs associated with these activities.