Community Activity / Resource Distribution

Our application also contains modules for group activities such as community events, Voluntary Street cleaning events, workshops, resources distributed to community members and every other activity that is organized by the CDC.  The system tracks all maintenance activities related to the upkeep of buildings and residences that are maintained by the CDC. All financial resources expended for  the above activities are accounted for, and are categorized by the source of funding.

» Town Watch – Records incidents observed by Town Watch volunteers, including dates and times, type of individuals involved, conditions at time of incident, and description.

» Activity – Entry of program activities such as workshops, festivals, and surveys. Activity

» Funder Accounting – Record details of amounts received from funders.

» Activity Cost Breakdown – Description of each activity and related costs.

» Vendor Accounting for Activities -  Details amounts spent by vendors for each activity and related dates.

» Activity Outcome – Listing of each activity including dates, comments, and costs.