Parcel Listing

The Parcel Module created by us addresses the data needs of the core areas of activities that are needed to revitalize the neighborhood, including a complete inventory of every parcel/property that is contained in the geographical areas covered by our customer. We provide the screens and the data integration tools to capture all relevant information on every property that includes the condition of the property, the ownership, market value, taxes, zoning, liens, violations, photographs etc;

» Parcel Summary – Provides detailed information on each property such as address, ownership, zoning, maintenance history, and unit rental value, condition, and occupant names.

» CDC Info- Repository for publically downloaded information on parcels in the area covered by the CDC. Screens displays potential usage of parcels and recommended action such as rehabilitation and acquisition.

» Neighborhood Survey – Provides detailed information on potential CDC properties.  Included are structure type, occupancy status, condition of building and surrounding area, and amenities such as security doors, trees, and street lights.

» Units – Provides detailed unit information such as type, no of rooms, rental valued, condition of unit, and occupant information.

» Financial – Provides financial information such as sales history, and water and gas bills, Also included is taxation information such as tax bills, and any property liens.

» Violations – Lists violations against the property such electric, fire, plumbing, and zoning.

» Rent- Lists detailed rental information for each parcel and unit. Included are rental amount an effective and termination date of the rent.

» Pictures – Contains a picture of the property and related comments.