Grant Management System
GMS – Powerful financial software for funding agencies. Contains comprehensive tracking tools to record all funds received and funds disbursed by the agency. Records Grant Applications to funders and Grant Allocations to providers. Capable of tracing expenses at the lowest level of detail
» Grant Applications
» Budgeting and Tracking Expenditures by Grant
» Assigning Administrative Expenses Overhead across Grants
» Awards To Subcontractors/Service Providers
» Track Budgets and Expenditures from each Subcontractor
» Over/Under Spending analysis at every invoice submission

» Cash Flow Management by tracking revenue, encumbrances and payments
» Manage budgets across multiple grants and multiple fiscal years
» Comprehensive reporting to funding sources
» Payment scheduling and tracking
» Apply Single Payments across multiple Grants
» Tracks Services Provided based on Funding

» Track Funding Allocation Matrixes by Providers, Services, Cost Centers » Customizable Workflow for Budgeting and Invoicing Processes
» Multi-Year Comparisons for Grants, Budgets