PROMISE & EIP Reporting
These systems are based on data that is extracted from the State’s payment systems and processed into sophisticated reporting analysis that gives analysts and management at the DBH a clear idea of how much each of their providers have billed for their services and the level of reimbursements that they have received. Both systems have similar features. There are reporting differences between the systems.

Here are some of the features of the system
» Import of data from spreadsheet extracts into a single database.
» Archive of all imports and associated transactions are available.
» Consolidated view of all imports is also available.
» Feature to search for data based on any combination of data elements are available.
» Report generator to allow the generation of any kind of analysis based on the data imported.
» Each system has approximately 6 comprehensive custom reports that provide managers with the specific analysis that they need to be aware off.
» Potential to link this data to Mainstay II to be a proxy for the payment and expenditure systems.