Subcontractors Awards
This is the largest module in the system. It tracks all of the budgets awarded by each of the departments to contracted service providers.

This module has the following features.
» Tracks budgets across multiple fiscal years. This allows easy comparisons of budgets and spending patterns from different fiscal years.
» Tracks budgeting process from Allocations to Awards to Amendments.
» Allows for creation of different expense templates for different budgets.
» Tracks revenue from other sources
» Tracks service level commitments for each budget
» Allows for creation of umbrella budgets that can contain several budgets at a lower level.
» Tracks funding allocations and spending from multiple funding sources on one budget and has an automatic feature to allocate payments across multiple funding sources based on settings on the system.
» Tracks encumbrance documents and balances on encumbrance documents. Budgeting System allows creation of tagged encumbrance documents that will automatically be applied to all budgets connected to the preceding encumbrance documents.
» Automatically generates allocation notices and award letters to service providers.
» Maintains an electronic log that tracks the award process 
» Additional Module to manage budget increases or decreases across the board based on Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA).