Funding Management
This module records funding received across all funding streams for each of the departments.

The module has the following features:
» Track funding from each funding stream across multiple fiscal years.
» Track funding requests and funding awards for each fiscal year
» Track grants applications.
» Drilldown of projected and actual spending by funding source and category of spending.
» Submit invoices
» Record receipts
» Record amendments to funding allocations.
» Transfer procedures to plan for future year’s budgets from past years templates.
» Convert all projected subcontractor spending into actual budgets in the subcontractor budgeting system.
» Tracks a cross walks between city index codes and funding streams over multiple fiscal years. 
» Provides instant access to encumbered amounts, spent amount and accounts payable instantly for every funding source.            
This module is normally implemented by all the departments. Each department uses only the screens that help them operationally. In some cases different departments have requested different customization of the same tasks. For example DBH has a different Year End Process from DBH. This module is lightly implemented in some departments and heavily implemented in others.