Coelho Consulting offers comprehensive consulting services to assist you in meeting all your objectives. Our consultants offer an impressive breadth of skill sets coupled with considerable experience in delivering successful solutions to a range of clients. We offer consulting services that can be utilized in all or specific stages of the development cycle. Our consultants work as a team to leverage individual skill sets into seamless integrated solutions

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Voice Recognition:User can enter case notes using voice recognition software. Audio input is converted to text.
Integrating GIS with Dashboards:An application which uses location data such as addresses or zip codes produces reports which are viewable thru the Dashboard. Allows for better geographic management of a project.
GIS Tracking Street Outreach Module:User can enter location data of clients to track patterns of clients contacted by street outreach teams. Management can track client densities and locations which allow for better decision making.
Mobile/Tablet Dashboards:User can view agency reports on any mobile device from tablets to phones.
Web Upgrade to Contract Amendment Module:Program can view and edit contract amendments over the web.
Web Upgrade to Grant Management Software:Program can view and edit grant management documents over the web.
Electronic Invoice Submissions for Subcontractors:Subcontractors can submit invoices to funding agency over the web.
New Client Profile Summary Page:Client summary page containing specified data from multiple application screens. Screen shows missing data and summaries.
New User Preference Home Page:User can customize their own home page to see the most important information.
Document Imaging Module:Documents can be scanned and attached to the client file.
Integrating Scan Documents onto Task schedules :User can attach required documents to a checklist for easy retrieval.