Transitional Housing Programs
The Transitional Housing program provides housing for clients who are leaving shelter and need temporary housing before moving to permanent housing.  The CCI application provides a complete tracking mechanism from the time the client applies to Transitional Housing to entry into the program. It also provides case management tools for use by social workers. Several types of Transitional Housing configurations can be accommodated.

» Application Tracker: Displays every step of the Transitional Housing process from application submission to admission to the program.  Entry of a date at each step notifies each involved staff member by means of the Inbox explained in the General Features section. CCI can program any number of steps required and any automatic actions such as case opening and closing.

» Life Skills: Evaluate clients on activities critical to client’s independence and general functioning, such as housekeeping skills, compliance with rules, and childcare responsibilities. Each activity is graded and reports are available to show client’s functioning. Level.

» Financial: Budgeting and savings screen to help staff develop financial plan for client. Screens include Income, Expenses, and Savings Accounts.

» Unit Maintenance: Allows administrators to add, modify, or delete units at the facility.