Intake Modules
The CCI Intake module is flexible and can be adapted to the needs of the provider. Types of Intake configurations include multiple and single sites, family versus single client sites and after hour’s sites. Site design reflects services provided admissions process, and business rules based on the type of client served. Information across all sites can be consolidated for centralized reporting.

» Sign In: Basic client information. Workflow forwards to appropriate department.  Useful for supervisor to assess service demand.

» Reception Interview: Comprehensive Intake assessment. 

» Waiting List: Provides queue for worker to select clients. Provides supervisor with means to monitor work allocations.

» Housing Placement: List of vacancies in housing units.

» Health Clearance: Provides information on health requirements such as immunizations. Schedule clients for medical services.

» Customized Agreements: Agreements that interface with word processor to create standard contracts which clients sign to qualify for services.