Financial Assistance Programs

The Financial Assistance module allows the provider to enter information on two groups of clients. First are shelter clients who with some financial assistance can leave shelter and obtain permanent housing.  Second are clients living at home who with some financial assistance can stay in their homes and not come into shelter.
These screens were originally used by HPRP programs to meet HUD reporting requirements , but can be modified for use in any similar situation.

» Intake Screen: Provides a comprehensive Intake assessment of the client and family members. Screen can be customized as required by the provider.

» Self Sufficiency Assessment: Determines the client’s functional level in areas such as housing, income, employment, and health.  Used to determine level of services to be provided the client.

» Financial Summary: Creates a budget based on client income and expenses. Records assets and non cash benefits.

» Package of Assistance: Compiles information from Self Sufficiency Assessment and Financial Summary to determine number of months and amount of assistance paid to the client.

» Assistance Schedule: Summary of amount and frequency of payments and checks issued to vendors. Displays linkages to financial, housing ,and other support organizations

» Check Disbursement: Record checks issued to clients and vendors.